A PC based system developed with industry-trusted LabVIEW, SMARTBENCH offers a reliable, adaptable and powerful solution for your assembly equipment and operations.

With manufacturers worldwide moving towards industry 4.0, our SMARTBENCH application seamlessly integrates your operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) infrastructure. Connecting to your chosen assembly equipment, SMARTBENCH controls each process, presenting your assembly data and equipment performance to help you improve facility efficiency.


Reliable workstations tailored to your assembly requirements.

Intuitive user interfaces

Our large touch screens provide simple, friendly interfaces, and can display work instructions.

Height Adjustable

Electronically controlled height adjustment allows each bench user to set their personal working conditions.

Standardised connectivity and integration

Proprietary equipment integration and connectivity is quick and easy with industry-standard connections and interfaces.

Flexible diagnostics

Engineering and diagnostics screens display production data analysis, equipment status updates, and allow you to set pre-planned alternatives in case of failure.

Password-protected operations

User and quality control is built into our interfaces, allowing you to set password-protected levels of operation.

Scalable architecture

SMARTBENCH is easily scalable and can be implemented across a facility to standardise operations and reduce training time.

NEW FEATURE Sequence engine

Program the operation of your bench with no prior programming experience required.

Make your SMARTBENCH work for you

Here’s a selection of the equipment our clients have already integrated into their SMARTBENCHES.

SMARTBENCHES for your process

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