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Project Description


Valeo has been a leading supplier of cutting-edge automotive technologies and a strategic partner to automakers worldwide since the early 1920s.

To assist in the development of a new product, they required 6 identical coolant supply modules. Each module needed to operate independently and be able to control the pressure, temperature and flow of a test fluid to user-defined setpoints.

The control system we provided uses an ABB AC500 eCO PLC, programmed with CODESYS. Dedicated PID loops control each element within the equipment. Digital and analog rack IO modules provide the interface to the control elements, and an ABB touchscreen HMI provides the user interface.

The modules are designed to be operated either locally, via HMI, or remotely. To achieve remote operation a TCP Modbus communication protocol was configured to communicate with a central controlling PC.

A typical test duration is in excess of 1000 hours, resulting in the modules being in operation for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each module has safety monitoring programmed in to shut down the module in the event of an error, which is then reported to the user.