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Project Description


As the world leader in aircraft landing and braking systems, Safran Landing Systems supports more than 27,000 aircraft making over 60,000 landings every day.

The company required a dual-purpose tank monitoring system that would monitor the temperature of plating tanks while allowing users to schedule and manage workflow through the tanks.

We developed an application in LabVIEW that receives temperature data and probe status from wireless temperature transmitters. This data is then monitored against user-defined limits, and alert conditions and status triggers are displayed to users.

A scheduling feature enables users to process multiple jobs through each of plating tanks. Users enter job-specific data, time commenced, and duration, and active jobs are then displayed on an overview screen. A report is generated on completion of a job, and users can additionally examine all job data in a database within the application.

All data is recorded throughout the job duration so that, in the event of a power loss, all active jobs can be resumed upon restoration. Such events, in addition to application events, are saved to the application event log