Underground Rail System Track Control Panels

//Underground Rail System Track Control Panels
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Project Description


Knorr Bremse is the world’s leading manufacturer of rail braking systems and a supplier of safety-critical sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles.

As part of an installation on a Philippine underground rail system, we designed and supplied 82 platform control panels to custom specification. Each panel contains hardwired relay logic which interfaces to an existing system currently in service in the underground.

Two variants of the panel were supplied for up track and down track. The up track panels are located adjacent to the train drivers’ in-station position, while the down track control panels are located on the platform. The functionality of both panel variants is identical, but the panels located on the platform are fitted with a lockable door to prevent tampering. We accommodated the fitting of a lockable door on the platform panels by using bespoke-designed panels for both variants.

As part of the project, test equipment was designed and manufactured to test the function of the front panel controls and the functionality of the panel interface. Testing was carried out in the UK prior to shipping to the Philippines and each panel was issued with a certificate of operation